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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Money Floats

I'm going to buy a stock in a company that I know is barely afloat. However, there is upside potential. The company has lots of parties and is a big hit with the ladies. I'm sure they'll turn things around.

Fast forward and they actually tank. My options are underwater and I'm sinking in debt. Thank goodness that my government will give me all of my money back for my mistake of investing in something that was not really a wise risk.

What, the government won't refund my money? Why then will my tax dollars go to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

Let's analyze this, the mean elevation is something like 8 feet below sea level and the city is sandwiched between a lake and a river, both near the ocean. Rebuild ... yes, but let's take the opportunity to rebuild ... 100 miles inland instead of in flood plain between a lake and the Mississippi river, for Christ's sake.

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