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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Commander in Cheap"-Parallel-to-Reality

ABC’s new show "Commander in Chief" is a deliberate attempt to soothe the nation into the alien concept of a female president in order to grease the skids for a Hillary Clinton presidential bid in 2008. It's perfectly timed so Geena Davis' vice president character takes over for the dead president mid term to align the 2007 – 2008 season for a reelection plotline that coincides with the actual elections so "fictional" episodes can illustrate right-wing smear campaigns against the "independent" Geena Davis while ultimately allowing her character to overcome and triumph.

As I watched the show and developed this utter hatred and contempt for the entire conspiracy, I was alerted to the unveiled attempts to connect the characters with reality. Cheney's name was mentioned (by Geena herself) to make me believe the timeframe of this farce is sometime after the present day; however, I couldn't help but notice the countless references to the Clintons – "when Mrs. Clinton was first lady she did this" – as if George W. Bush had never been elected.

The parallels to the Democrat agenda for Hillary are so blatantly obvious that it insults my intelligence to have me assume there is no hidden ruse. In today's television culture, it's quite scary to think of the implications to the masses of ignorant lemmings that feed hungrily on the pap shoveled into their faces by a liberal slanted media.

With a simple formula for success in television programming – copy any program that works – the networks don't need to invest much time in creative broadcasting. "Lost" has spawned "Surface" and "Invasion". The buxom Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in "The Ghost Whisperer", a parallel to "Medium". Just how many lawyer shows are there? Lesser known MTV reality shows preceded "Survivor" which begat countless reality based, vote-off shows. People follow the network airwaves to the shows they are familiar with. They incorporate the plotlines and politics into their view of the world; possibly because the television is their only source of education. In my recent jury duty, it was mentioned that there was "no forensic evidence like on 'CSI' so we can't possibly convict".

It pains me to think of uninformed couch potatoes appearing in droves at the polls in 2008 armed with their television guides and utter conviction that a female president (no doubt Hillary) will further the cause of American democracy and be the best choice for our Republic. After all, she does fine on TV.

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