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Monday, September 19, 2005

Reach the Beach Relay - 2005

Up until the Wednesday night before the race, we only had a 10-person team. Amazingly, we found another runner and convinced a colleague to fly and drive in from Cincinnati to round out our 12-person roster.

For all the last minute planning and the dedicated running of our team, we placed 36th overall out of 300 teams and 8 out of 23 in our class - Men's Masters.

Genetically Challenged - Men's Masters

36/285 - 8/23

Back row from left: Matt (leg 12), Gabriel [aka: The Janitor] (leg 3), Jeff (leg 11), Gavin (leg 6), Jul (leg 5), Rich [aka: El Capitain] (leg 1), John (leg 7)

Front row from left: Tom (leg 9), Jason (leg 4), Vince [aka: Me] (leg 2), Dan (leg 10), Ted (leg 8)

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