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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bermuda Cruise: Day 6

By this time we were in full vacation mode and regularly sleeping late (that is to say, after 5:30 AM). This day, we missed leaving Bermuda. We awoke around 7:30 AM and saw water outside our window as opposed to pier. This would normally have been an issue – say if we were at our house, but alas, we didn’t worry and took our time getting up and about. We ate breakfast and spent some time lounging on the promenade deck (7) reading and waiting for the 10 AM trivia game. With the help of our cruise buddies, we won (19/20 questions)! We collected 2 NCL mugs as our prize.

Some more reading, then lunch, then another art auction. We really aren’t that interested in art. We are interested in free champagne. You think they’d catch on. We decided we’d do another Grey Goose martini tasting with our cruise buddies. We grabbed some to-go food (chicken fingers, fries) at the pub and headed to the tasting extravaganza. Five new martinis, including an espresso martini and a bonus sixth martini with Blue Curacao! We ordered more drinks afterwards before I finally switched to beer and Jen and Jill took to the casino.

Jack and I decided it was time to find the girls after listening to the live music for a while. I found Jen at a blackjack table – she’d been there over one and a half hours. I asked her how much she was down (assuming the worst). She said she started by putting $20 in and then handed me a $100 chip and told me to hold it. She did this a few more times throughout the night as I mingled and talked with others around the table.

I finally had enough and decided we had to see the “risqué, adults-only burlesque” show put on by the cruise director staff. Jen cashed in about $275 that night ($20 to $275 in about three hours - eat it Bernie Madoff) and we headed upstairs. The show was not quite what we expected and so left midway through for bed. We ordered late night room service, although I don’t remember if we got it or not.

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