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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bermuda Cruise: Day 7

Yet another early morning room service breakfast followed by a full buffet breakfast. We’ve grown quite accustomed to this and will expect it upon our return home. Who will be cooking all the food remains to be answered.

More trivia. With Jack, Jen and me (Jill was absent), we crushed the competition (17/20) earning ourselves NCL flashlight key chains. Next was more Bingo. The last game to give away all the money and raffle a free cruise. We read our books in the back, playing the 1 free game we had a card for and listened to the raffle. Not as lucky as Jen’s blackjack exploits, so we headed out.

A little lunch, a little gambling, a little rain. The afternoon slowly passed by.

We hit the art auction for the free champagne for last time and Jen won a free bottle of champagne to take with us! So, we decided to dress up for dinner, head to Windows and get – what else – a window seat. We drank our bottle of champagne with dinner looking quite dapper I may add.

We stopped back by the room to dress down a bit then headed to the Galaxy of the Stars room early to get front row for the Second City complete improv act. This was much better than their first show as it was entirely improv. We enjoyed it so much, we stayed on, listened to the band sing some tunes – among them, ABBA’s “Knowing Me, Knowing You”, to which we sang along, and then watched the Second City’s second performance. Being improv, it was entirely different and entirely enjoyable.

We went to bed on our last night.

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