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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Filthy Fifty at Sixy Percent

Todays Crossfit WOD was the "Filthy Fifty". Since I had taken 3 days off due to feeling a little under the weather and a slightly pulled back muscle, I thought I'd ease into it by adapting it to the "Dirty Thirty"; that is, just 30 of each exercise, with some exceptions.

I don't have a proper pull up bar, so I did 30 pull-ups - not jumping pull-ups. I don't have kettlebells, so I swung a 50-pound bag of sand. I don't have a bar to push-press, so I push-pressed the 50-pound bag of sand. I don't have a weighted ball nor a high wall to wall-ball it against, so I just skipped that one. Finally, I can barely jump rope, so 30 double-unders became 60 jump-ropes.

I gave 110% to the 60% scaled "Filthy Fifty" and finished in 19 minutes.

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