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1.    Please feel free to contibute via PayPal.

(Optional) If you have a PayPal account, you can contribute to the VinsWorld Software Development Labs, a subsidiary of VinsWorld.

2.    Download software.

Open Source
     [GitHub] Various software on GitHub.

     [Perl Modules] Perl Modules on CPAN.

     crapps.pl Cisco Router Action Performing Perl Script. Interfaces with Cisco routers/switches via Telnet or SNMP to perform a various number of tasks. Fully interactive and scriptable. Includes sample scripts.

     dtach.pl DTach detaches and saves a copy of attachments to Outlook email messages.

     gripps.pl Gnuplot Real-time Interactive Plotting Perl Script. Takes input as the Y-values to plot against X-axis time in seconds as determined by how quickly the input is delivering the Y-values to the script.

     msar.pl Multiple/Mapping Search And Replace.

     pests.pl Parse Excel Spreadsheets To Single.

     ppc.pl The Perl Packet Crafter (PPC) is the platform independent Windows Packet Crafter, reimagined in Perl. This uses the Net::Frame and Net::Pcap modules to accomplish its task.

     pregger.pl Explains and tests Perl regular expressions.

Windows Software
     beep.exe Beep produces a beep from the PC speaker at the provided frequency for the provided duration. Alternatively, it plays the Windows sounds for the provided system event.

     cal.exe Windows port of the UNIX cal command - print calendar for month or year to STDOUT.

     clock.exe Similar to the UNIX date command - display the current time in the given FORMAT. However, the name 'date' is already taken in Windows cmd.exe. Code incorporates Antoni Sawicki aclock.c program for ASCII mode.

     cpd.exe Cisco type 7 password decrypter. Includes command line and Windows interface.

     eecho.exe Enhanced Echo is a command line program that operates much like the normal echo command but allows for the changing of text and background colors and other features.

     glass.exe Glass is a Windows program that runs in the background (Taskbar) and implements hotkeys for window send to back, bring to front, always on top and transparency.

     ifconfig.exe Windows program that replicates the display (not configuration) available from Unix 'ifconfig'. Uses the Windows GetAdaptersAddresses() API. Requires Windows 7 or newer.
     MACChanger.bat Windows batch file using 'wmic' and 'netsh' to change the MAC address of the provided interface.

     nc64.exe Netcat for Windows updated for IPv4 and IPv6 with some fixes and additional features - including multicast.

     pipe.exe Pipe allows creation of named pipes for Windows. Code is borrowed liberally from Microsoft Developers Net.

     rm.exe Similar to the UNIX rm command - delete files, but optionally use Recycle Bin.

     ssl-ca-win.zip Windows batch file port of the UNIX ssl.ca shell scripts (available at GitHub). You'll need to have a version of Windows OpenSSL installed on your Windows machine. Unzip this file directly in the OpenSSL directory.

     uptime.exe Similar to the UNIX uptime command - print system uptime.

     watch.exe Windows port of the UNIX watch command - execute a program periodically and show output fullscreen.

     who.exe Similar to the UNIX who command - display local and remote logged on users.


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