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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Birds

This diaper changing and late night feedings and lack of sleep with our new baby is for the birds. Speaking of the birds, they've set up their homes outside this May.

The robins have returned to their favorite bush, which last year was unsuccessful. This year, they are a little late, but there are 5 eggs in a pretty large nest.

A bit more advanced are the sparrows that set up under our deck. Here you can see all three youngsters doing very well.

Well ...

I had my water softener serviced today. It's 4 years old so the media is nearing its end and I'm starting to see rust stains in sinks and toilets again. I did some DIY remedies, but that didn't seem to fix it.

I called our installation guy and he came out this morning.

F&L Well and Pump, Co.
310 Buck Hill Rd.
Pascoag, RI 02895

Office: 401.567.9016

Frank's a good egg. He talked me through what he was doing and how to adjust the settings on my system. He answered all my questions.

If you're looking for a well/pump contractor, consider F&L Well and Pump, I highly recommend them.

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