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NOTE :// You will need a VRML capable browser to click the following images. Vin's World recommends Cortona VRML Client. If you're using Chrome, NPAPI support has ended, but you can use IE-Tab extension and view the following links in an IE-based-tab.


UNI-VR-SE is two VRML worlds which together, model our space in the universe. The first world is the Local Group - a collection of galaxies that contains ours - the Milky Way. There is a large red arrow over the Milky Way galaxy indicating where our Solar System is located and linking to the second VRML world. The second world models our solar system - the sun, the planets and their moons. No plugin?

VR Washington DC VR Washington DC

VR Washington DC is large chunk of Washington DC including only the major buildings. This crude rendering includes the Capitol Building, the White House and several of the monuments in the Washington DC area. No plugin?

VRML House VRML House

VRML House is a rendering of my childhood house. The kitchen is quite complete and there is some furniture in the dining room. The rest has been waiting for some time for me to complete. The difficult part is that I coded this all by myself without using any VRML tools. I simply typed VRML code into Notepad and got what you see. Pretty rough, but pretty good given the development. No plugin?

Presidential VR-ange Presidential VR-ange

Presidential VR-ange is a VRML world of the major Presidential peaks in the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire. The WRL file and the associated JPG was created with 3Dem software. The data for the world was gathered from the USGS Lewiston-West 90-meter DEM data file. I edited the produced VRML file to include new camera angles from the base of a few well-known trailheads and included text above each peak. No plugin?


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