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Monday, June 26, 2017

Run MAD - one month to go ...

According to the following tweet, on or about 20 July, 2016, I began my run-a-mile-everyday thing with the hashtag #RunMAD - as in - Run Mile-a-Day.

The goal was simple, run at least 1 mile every day for at least 1 year. Some rules:

  1. Run at least 1 contiguous non-stop mile every day
  2. A day is between 12:00:00a and 11:59:59p
  3. No "saving" miles (i.e., 2 miles today doesn't mean 0 miles tomorrow)
  4. Do this for at least 1 year from the start date

Unfortunately, I don't quite remember the official "start date" - if I tweeted the day I started or if I made sure I'd stuck with it for at least 1 week or so before posting so boldly. In any case, after 11 or so months with 1 or so left to go, I'm planning on extending to at least Labor Day, 2017 to make sure I've completed a full year. I've done this everyday so far, whats a few more ... ?


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