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Friday, October 29, 2010

Middle East - Middle America

I don't know much of the issues and situation in the Middle East, but it has been distilled in my mind from the media as a series of religious factions that cannot 'get along' due to their differences in theology/ideology. The Jews and Palestinians don't get along. The Shi'ites Arabs, Sunnis Arabs and Sunni Kurds don't get along. Some want their own states/countries based on religion. Some want their own states/countries based on ethnicity.

It all seems so confusing when looking at a country like ours - America - where we're not divided over such issues of religion and social politics. We have civil elections and establish majority consensus on leadership and direction of this great country. With the midterm elections just days away, I for one can't wait for the outcome and am excited to follow our newly elected politicians regardless of party to the promise of a better America!

</sarcasm:off !-- If you're not sure where it began, rest assured, this is where it ends>

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Contingency Planning

I remember seeing the 1-20-2009 bumper stickers when people were pining over George W. Bush leaving the White House. Now, there are no shortage of creative 1-20-2013 emblems calling for the 1-term departure of Barrack Obama. However, we're fogetting something...

We have a contingency plan.

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