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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second Annual RI 6 Hour Ultramarathon

This past Sunday, was the second annual RI 6 Hour Ultramarathon. The RI 6 Hour is – as the name implies – a 6 hour race that is won by the person who accumulates the most total miles at the end of 6 hours. It is run on a closed 2.7 mile loop in Warwick City Park, Warwick, RI.

My goal was to do at least as good as last year (36.9 miles), but I'd settle for at least 35 miles – as I'm 35 years old. I can't golf my age, but I can run it!

Again, my wife Jen helped immensely - always ready with food and drink on each lap. I ran a faster pace per lap this year and made the marathon distance 2 minutes faster than last year and the 50K distance 13 seconds faster than last year.

My legs were sore after about 20 miles - I hadn't counted on the sharp stabbing pains in each quad since I didn't get that annoyance at all last time, but a bit of walking loosened them up for more running, until I had to stretch again.

I finished my 35 miles at 5:17:46 - exactly 2 minutes faster than last year. This year, there was no option for 2 short 0.9 miles loops, so I was either done or going out for another 2.7 miles. My last lap was 30:48, so with 42 minutes until the 6 hour deadline, I figured I could walk a substantial part of the lap and still make it. I left and set out hard. I pushed the pace, leaving nothing in the tank as this was my last lap and finished it in 25:27 completing 37.8 miles in 5:43:13 - 30 seconds slower than last year, but 0.9 miles further.

The official results place me 8/64 with an official total mileage of 37.8168 miles in 5:43:15.

The table below documents my miles and times (by my watch).

RI 6 Hour Ultramarathon: November 14, 2010
Lap SplitCumm.
Lap PaceAvg. Pace

Friday, October 29, 2010

Middle East - Middle America

I don't know much of the issues and situation in the Middle East, but it has been distilled in my mind from the media as a series of religious factions that cannot 'get along' due to their differences in theology/ideology. The Jews and Palestinians don't get along. The Shi'ites Arabs, Sunnis Arabs and Sunni Kurds don't get along. Some want their own states/countries based on religion. Some want their own states/countries based on ethnicity.

It all seems so confusing when looking at a country like ours - America - where we're not divided over such issues of religion and social politics. We have civil elections and establish majority consensus on leadership and direction of this great country. With the midterm elections just days away, I for one can't wait for the outcome and am excited to follow our newly elected politicians regardless of party to the promise of a better America!

</sarcasm:off !-- If you're not sure where it began, rest assured, this is where it ends>

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Contingency Planning

I remember seeing the 1-20-2009 bumper stickers when people were pining over George W. Bush leaving the White House. Now, there are no shortage of creative 1-20-2013 emblems calling for the 1-term departure of Barrack Obama. However, we're fogetting something...

We have a contingency plan.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reach the Beach Relay - 2010

Krulik Returns - Men's Masters

154/429 - 23/38

Back row from left: Randy (leg 6), Jason (leg 12), Gavin (leg 9), Tucker (leg 3), Wiggy (leg 11), Bayen (leg 8)

Middle row from left: Patty (leg 4), Suzi (leg 5), Jodi (leg 1), Alison (leg 10), Kara (leg 7)

Front row: Vince [aka: Me] (leg 2), Krulik [aka: Mascot] (on my junk)

Distance Difficulty Gain Loss Net Time Pace
Leg 2 8.96 Hard 279 132 147 63:45 7:06
Leg 14 7.79 Hard 610 563 47 56:00 7:11
Leg 26 5.12 Moderate 552 331 221 37:45 7:22
21.87 1441 1026 415 2:37:30 7:12

Monday, August 09, 2010

Lazy Saturday Morning

16.25 @ 8:26 (2:17)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brainwash ==> COMPLETE!

In a previous post - Google: Brainwash I commented how Jen and I use Microsoft Office Live to share calendars. This has become more trouble than the simple Google Calendar Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft's solution worked great for some time until it mysteriously stopped working. I needed to re-create our shared calendars and re-publish and re-share them. The online calendar management regarding invitations is pretty limited - make a mistake and start over.

Some time ago, I integrated GMail into Outlook with IMAP and like it better now. I never cared for the labels versus actual folders and the thread-view that web-based GMail uses. With Outlook IMAP integration, I can now look at emails in folders the way I'm used to and better manage my inbox. Also, my mails are now available online and on synced devices as opposed to when I used to POP email.

Since that was working, I tried the Google Calendar Sync using 2-way synchronisation and it's been working fine. I've since updated Jen to GMail with Outlook IMAP integration and Google Calendar Sync. Even she likes it. The online view of our shared calendars is exactly what we wanted.

I should have known not to trust Microsoft to provide a product that works in the long run and doesn't mysteriously stop working after some time (eg: Jen's computer which I recently rebuilt with XP (perhaps Microsoft's crowning achievement) after Vista slowly rotted her laptop to uselessness).

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