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Friday, January 18, 2008

Do Your Job or Jusify IT?

Since when did IT become more about justifying your job rather than doing your job? I understand developing justification or proving value for a major project or budget request, but having to justify day to day operations with metrics and performance of IT staff - rather than systems - is insane.

Do accountants in the financial department of a company have to justify their very existence and constantly prove value to the business? I think not. Their work in accounts receivable speaks for itself - it brings the money into the business.

Can not IT work the same way? After all, the accountants doing their job on their computers, talking to their back end servers and communicating to clients on the phone systems are all made possible by IT. You want value demonstration, do your job without a computer and phone.

If companies really can't see the value in IT, remove technology from your company. Don't use computers and networks and phones. Those silly things never gave any business a competitive advantage anyway.

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