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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Death to Death Penalty Protesters

I was outraged to hear cheering in the background while a CNN reporter told us that the execution of Michael Morales was indefinitely postponed due to a question of whether lethal injection is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. This to defend a degenerate who confessed to the premeditated killing of the beautiful 17 year old Terri Winchell by smacking her with a hammer 23 times, raping her, stabbing her in the heart four times and leaving her half naked body in a vineyard to die.

The question regarding cruel and unusual punishment is a ridiculous ruse to masquerade a liberal agenda to wholly eliminate capital punishment. The argument that killing as a punishment has no place in a civilized society misses the issue that criminals of this magnitude are themselves not civilized and therefore have no place in a civilized society. Extermination, as anyone would exterminate a roach infestation, is the only course of action.

This is certainly not the poster boy for the elimination of capital punishment. Hopefully, my outrage will be paralleled by the fence sitters and bring them to the "right" side.

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