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Thursday, March 09, 2006


"Undocumented Worker" is to "Illegal Alien" as:

"Undocumented Dining" is to "Leaving without Paying the Check"

I just need to go to the rest room. Leave the check on the table, I'll get it when I come back.

"Undocumented Driver" is to "Driving without a License"

No sir, I wasn't driving without a license or even on a suspended license. I'm just an undocumented driver.

"Undocumented Transaction" is to "Stealing"

I know I don't have a receipt for this item that I took from your store without paying. That's because I made an undocumented transaction.

"Undocumented Withdrawal" is to "Bank Robbery"

Stick 'em up. I'm not robbing your bank, I'm just making an undocumented withdrawal.

"Undocumented Death" is to "Murder"

I realize that you may say I murdered this dead body since I'm not a doctor and there is no death certificate and I'm fleeing the scene. However, don't worry, it's just an undocumented death.

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