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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Questions and Answers

Q) Two guys go to a bachelor party and get blasted. They then move on to a restaurant and continue drinking. They are legally drunk. They leave, drive home, hit some people and kill them. Can the victims' families sue the restaurant owners for criminal negligence?

A) No you stupid ass! Charges can be pressed against the drunk driving guys and that’s it. The restaurant owners did not force feed the guys alcohol. The guys need to take responsibility for themselves. No matter what kind of debaucheries they were engaging in – if they were planning on driving home, they had the responsibility to stay sober enough to do so. Being drunk is not an excuse for your actions. In fact, since it is widely known that drunk driving is illegal and they willingly drove drunk in defiance of the law; the correct answer is that they are subject to the death penalty as this was not an accident.

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