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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Your Welcome 93 Commuters / I'm Sorry 128 Commuters

I would like to say "your welcome" to my fellow South Shore commuters who travel into and out of Boston each day via Interstate 93. I feel the multitudes of unsung praises directed towards me for your prompt and timely commutes during this week. This is no doubt due to my temporary alteration of commuting habits to accommodate a training course in Burlington necessitating my travel via a popular stretch of Interstate 95 North - commonly known as Route 128. Of course, all incompetent motorists hell-bent on crashing their vehicles into guard rails and other commuters have followed me - as they always do.

This of course forces me to express my heartfelt condolences to those long standing Route 128 commuters who day in and day out travel a not too busy, yet also not too open expanse of highway. For this week will surely be fraught with commuting woes beyond your worst nightmare as inept travelers follow me whilst desperately trying to derail my greatest ambitions of arriving at my destinations at a predetermined hour.

Alas, this short repose for my fellow Interstate 93 commuters will come to an abrupt end whereupon next Monday, my triumphant return will no doubt be met with an absurd amount of careening jackasses whose sole purpose in life is to forfeit theirs to destroy our open highway system.

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