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Monday, June 04, 2007

Silent Reflections

I understand that you can't say "A Moment of Prayer" at a town meeting for fear of inciting a mob of crazy "separation of church and state" radicals. However, the traditional replacement - "A Moment of Silence" is equally offensive. It is offensive to deaf people who hear nothing but silence all the time. Noting that they can't even hear the phrase "A Moment of Silence" is little consolation; for if the meeting were completely politically correct, someone up front would be signing the words "A Moment of Silence" and thus, deaf people would "hear" the phrase with their eyes.

Thus, the "A Moment of Silence" phrase should be changed to "A Moment of Reflection". This would only be offensive to blind people and vampires. Blind people obviously cannot see their reflection and vampires don't have reflections. It is questionable whether this would pertain to a blind vampire who not only couldn't see his reflection if he had one, but wouldn't be able to not see that he in fact does not have a reflection in the first place. However, both of these objections can be easily dismissed.

The word "reflection" in the context, "A Moment of Reflection" does not refer to a visible-type reflection such as one would actually see with eyes in a mirror or other similar "reflective" surface. Thus, blind people can not be offended by this usage. And as far as vampires go, I'm pretty sure they don't exist.

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