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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fat Chance

I just saw a commercial about a revolutionary new breakthrough. It reported the "cure" to body fat. Skeptical, since body fat isn't a "disease" and thus, doesn't require a "cure", I listened. It reported that the main causes of body fat were stress at work, poor diet and lack of exercise. I immediately new the "cure". Or so I thought I did.

It went on to say the Obesity Research Center has worked with drug companies to develop the cure to body fat: a drug (whose name I won't mention so as to not create anymore unneeded publicity).

This is the problem with classifying obesity as a disease. It then doesn't need to be addressed with self discipline and hard work, but can be treated with drugs as a cure to the disease.

In case your "fat head" hasn't figured it out yet, the "cure" is to reduce stressful situations at work, eat a balanced diet and get some exercise.

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