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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reality YouTube

I'm afraid the Writer's Guild strike of November 2007 will spell the death knell for television as we know it. Based on the last time this occurred, we were hit with a wave of reality television since writer's aren't required when average Joe's are put in front of a camera - insanity ensues. That was certainly the death of the sitcom as we knew it at that time.

Given the penetration of YouTube in today's society, no longer is the average Joe just put in front of the camera by some TV type exec, now the average Joe controls the camera and the broadcast. With new content ...

I am in no way implying that any of the YouTube "content" is of any value to anyone at all, much in the same way that reality television can actually be considered "entertaining" even in the most remotest sense of the word.

... available by the minute in an on-demand model, traditional television - broadcast media for that matter (TV, movies, etc...) will not return "as was" unscathed.

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