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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

WV Weekend

We just returned from our West Virginia weekend.  See the WV travel page for more details.  I completed the Charleston Distance Run 15 mile race and finished 129 of 491, 15 of 44 in my age group.  Not too bad.  I ran 7:55 pace overall - negative splits as my pace was 8:20 for the first 6 miles including up "Capitol Punishment Hill".  After figuring I was at a 2 hour 1 minute ETA at about mile 11, I picked it up as I passed mile 12.  Of course, this wasn't a half marathon and the expected 1.1 miles to finish was actually 3.  I gutted it out and beat the 2 hour mark - not my original goal, but I had a good day, so why not?

We also learned Cornhole.  Being that this is West Virginia, this may bear further explanation.  A web link is provided.  Pictures are also found on the aforementioned WV Travel page.  That's about enough of that.

We're back home now, and I'm keeping to my RTB training schedule.  A hard 7.5 miler today in 57:30 (7:40 pace) leads into a longer (and easier paced) 10 miler tomorrow.  I'll cool down on Thursday, rest Friday and do another long easy trail on Saturday.  I'm looking beyond RTB, so my taper isn't really significant.

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