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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crossfit Cross-Post

I did the Crossfit Workout of the Day today.  My times weren't all that good nor was my performance - but I did just start training the Crossfit WOD this week.



1 mile run


60 pull ups


180 push ups


250 squats


1 mile run



My first mile run was not surprising, I tried to take it slow but knowing it was only a mile, slow equaled a 6:20 pace.

Pull-ups were tough. I don't have a pull up bar so was using 2x4 door-jam braces in my basement that ran parallel; thus, I had to use a palm-to-palm grip, which was less than efficient at a wide grip. I did sets of 10 - although for the first 2 sets I felt I could do more. I did 30 with little problem. I switched to a close underhand grip for the next 10, which were difficult. The next 20 were made up of groups of no more than 6 at a time. When 58, 59 and 60 had to be done as singles, I figured it was time to move on.

I started push-ups in sets of 20 and managed 100 with little problem but considerable burn. I continued in sets of 10 to 150. By then, my arms were giving out. I admit I switched to girlie-style to squeeze out my last 30 and when my wobbly arms threatened to drop me face first into concrete around 175, I finished 180 and moved on.

I probably could have done all 300 squats, but called it quits after 250 in alternating sets of 10, 15, 20 and even 30. I varied stances but always brought my but the to box I was using to ensure my legs were parallel at the bottom of the movement.

I brought the dog on the last mile run. 4:15 out and 3:45 back. I expected to - and did - recover some on the run. Running is my 'sweet spot' so by the time I was back home (8 minutes) I was feeling a little loose and could actually swing my arms again after the amassed blood from pull-ups and push-ups had dissipated (even if only a little).

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