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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Birds

This diaper changing and late night feedings and lack of sleep with our new baby is for the birds. Speaking of the birds, they've set up their homes outside this May.

The robins have returned to their favorite bush, which last year was unsuccessful. This year, they are a little late, but there are 5 eggs in a pretty large nest.

A bit more advanced are the sparrows that set up under our deck. Here you can see all three youngsters doing very well.


Paul Forcina said...

A few weeks ago, we decided to part ways with a mostly dead willow tree. Every time the slightest wind blows I have to clean my yard of the willow detritus. Anyway, when the chainsaws were silenced and we were trying to haul away the trunk sections (the largest of which remain nearly a month later) I heard a cheep from among the downed section of trunk. A very young, pre-flight woodpecker had fallen out of its spacious home upon impact. It appeared unharmed. We posed it, snapped pics and placed it gently on top of the logs in hopes it would be found...by hungry stray cats!

Vince said...

Harsh! We have two wood pecker "nests" in some trees on the property. Tough to get a good shot of though - it just looks like a tree with a hole. Getting the actual bird poking its head out is quite difficult!


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