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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vermont 50: 424 Miles This Weekend ...

... and I only had to run 50. I drove to and ran the Vermont 50 50-mile race this past Sunday. Along with 550 other runners (some there for the shorter 50k version) and a ton of mountain bikers, I took off at 6:35 AM on Sunday to see the best of autumn scenery Vermont had to offer.

The run was quite manageable when compared to my Wapack experience from earlier this year. No need for a 7 installment blog series.

There were ample aid stations and only one run of 7+ miles between stations - in fairness, it was only going to be 6 miles, but course re-routing due to Hurricane Irene damage from a few weeks prior added some mileage. That said, the entire run was a bit over 50 miles, but what's a few miles between friends once you've already run 50? Right?

The day started "looking" nice - overcast, but you could feel the humidity and when the sun broke around 11 AM and temperatures reached close to the 80's, I knew it was going to be a bit uncomfortable. I kept up with the hydration and food at every chance possible - never going more than 45 minutes without eating (even if it was only a Gu packet between aid stations). I did run out of water on the 7 mile stretch between 40 and 47 miles with about a mile to go. I expected I would what with soaring temperatures just after midday and little shade on the open pastures we were running across at that point. I made it into the aid station after passing 3 runners in that last water-less mile, my thirst more of a motivator than a higher finishing spot.

Official results put me in 1 second faster than my watch at 9:15:49 at a pace of 11:06 minutes per mile. I finished 62/254 and 21/71 in my class (Male: 30 - 39).

My splits times according to my watch:

Vermont 50: September 25, 2011
Aid Station Mileage Split Time Spent at Aid Cumm. Time
Coon Club 4.2 37:22 0:41 38:03
Dart's 8.5 43:42 0:00 1:21:46
Skunk Hollow 12.3 39:04 0:54 2:01:44
Garvin Hill 19.3 1:06:25 1:50 3:10:01
Cady Brook 23.2 39:03 0:51 3:49:54
Margaritaville 27.6 52:27 2:19 4:44:42
Dugdale's 31.9 42:51 2:45 5:30:19
Fallon's 37.3 54:02 2:39 6:27:00
Goodman's 41.1 45:12 2:37 7:14:51
Johnson's 47.2 1:18:19 2:01 8:35:15
Finish 50 40:35 -- 9:15:50

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