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Friday, March 01, 2013

Blog about NOT Logging

A question came across a mailing list I subscribe to about limiting the syslog messages sent from a Cisco router to a syslog server. The question arose since a certain Cisco blade switch has a known bug where it reports the redundant power supply is faulty even though it doesn't have one. The message - sent every 5 minutes - was becoming quite bother to the operations folks since there were 80 such devices all reporting the erroneous error.

The asker had already found the 'logging discriminator ...' command, but couldn't apply it. A quick test in Dynamips and I had the answer for him.

The 'discriminator' option as we applied it looked for a regular expression in the syslog message body and was configured to "drop" the message (not send it to the syslog server). It worked with the following configuration:

logging discriminator NOREPORT msg-body drops "Redundant power supply faulty or in standby mode"
logging host discriminator NOREPORT

Satisfied we had a working fix, it was time for some more investigation.

I've selectively enabled SNMP traps with the 'snmp-server enable traps XXX' commands, but I didn't know it was possible with syslog messages - I never really tried to be honest. In fact, all logging is enabled with a simple command:


There are options for which facility or severity to send, but not many options for creative tuning - they're all of certain class or nothing. The 'discriminator' option seemed pretty useful. However ...

The 'discriminator NAME' doesn't work like an access-list where you can add multiple lines. You get one (1) discriminator and you get one (1) time to apply it to the syslog host. So how long can the regular expression be? Not very - as soon as I started to get fancy with the regular expression to block multiple messages, I got errors:

R1(config)#$msg-body drops "((Configured from)|(Interface         ))"
R1(config)#$msg-body drops "((Configured from)|(Interface          ))"
% unmatched ()

With the grouping parenthesis and the logical or vertical bar (pipe), I could only get a maximum of 38 characters. When I tried 39, I started getting the "unmatched" error and looking at the 'show run', my configuration line was truncated at 38 characters:

R1(config)#do sh run | i logg
logging discriminator NOREPORT msg-body drops ((Configured from)|(Interface          )

Notice the last parenthesis is left off (should be two of them). This severely limits the creativity when trying to selectively block syslog messages. There are other alternatives, like 'mnemonic' which will block an entire category of syslog messages by regular expression. So less characters to fit within the 38, but entire classes of messages dropped.

Maybe there's a better way?

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