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Monday, July 27, 2015

What a Difference 2 Years Makes

Two years ago, I was using Talkatone to make calls with Google Voice on Wi-Fi while traveling abroad to avoid roaming fees with my cellular carrier.

One year ago, I was using Talkatone as a standalone service to make Wi-Fi calls while on vacation in the mountains - a veritable carrier dead zone - after Google pulled the plug on third-party apps using the Google Voice API.

Now, two years after the first go around, one year later in the same mountain getaway, I changed my "Forward Unreachable" setting to my Google Voice number and could receive calls from anyone on my carrier number via the Hangouts app - provided I was in the cabin where Wi-Fi was strong.

Two years is an eternity in tech and waiting for this Google Voice / Hangouts integration was frustratingly long; however, the pay off was worth it. Next stop, carrier Wi-Fi calling on AT&T ... any bets on how long that one will take?

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