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Monday, July 10, 2006

Questions and Answers

Q) Is it "bigotry" for Sandwich, Massachusetts to declare itself NOT a sanctuary for illegal immigrants (in opposition to what Cambridge, Massachusetts has done)?

A) No, it's a free country – for those of us living here legally. Contrary to popular Massachusetts liberal beliefs, there are no rights under the United States Constitution for illegal immigrants. This does not constitute racism or bigotry, it demonstrates and intellectual prowess far above that of the standard liberal; for it means that you can read and correctly interpret the laws that govern this country.

Not being a sanctuary for illegal immigrants does nothing to tarnish the reputation of a locality in regards to acceptance of diversity or immigrants. Notice the keyword: "illegal". Immigrants welcome, illegal immigrants; not so much.

If a county or city – such as Cambridge – decides to be a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants, offering them protections and services, this must be considered an act of treason and since we are currently at war (with Iraq), this must be punishable by death. Therefore, everyone in Cambridge should die.

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