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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Truth About Truth

It's ironic that something called Truth.com can’t actually tell the truth – that is – if you believe "the truth" is the "whole" truth and "nothing but" the truth. Their ads are deliberately misleading to anyone who has an iota of brain cells left. It seems almost hypocritical that their message can only be believed by those people who have smoked too much pot to have any brain cells left to think for themselves.

The perfect example is the commercial where they go into a mattress store and ask if it makes sense to ban sleep because it's dangerous. Apparently, they claim a tobacco executive suggested that "sleep be banned because many people die in their sleep". Perhaps that actually did happen, but FAR more likely is that the tobacco executive was forming an argument against a left-wing communist who was trying to force their anti-smoking agenda on the world rather than letting people decide for themselves. You can image in the interaction was far more like:

Lunatic Fascist: "You have to ban smoking because it kills so many people (whine, cry, complain, etc...)"

Tobacco Executive: "A lot of people die in their sleep. Should we ban sleep?"

Lunatic Fascist: "... Umm ...."

Five minutes later ...

Lunatic Fascist [on phone to Truth.com]: "I just talked to some tobacco executive that said we should ban sleep because people die in their sleep. Let's make a commercial that makes them look dumb and furthers our cause among those ignorant peons who can't think for themselves and need government and political correctness as we define it to rule their lives."

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