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Monday, May 23, 2011

Reach the Beach Relay - MA - 2011

I started running Reach the Beach Relay in New Hampshire in 2005 and when they decided to host one in Massachusetts that happened to run through my town, I had to do it. My team was more than willing to oblige, so we ran the first Massachusetts Reach the Beach Relay. As many times as I've run the original September New Hampshire edition of RTB, I still manage to learn new things. Here are some things I learned this past weekend:

  • Lobster rolls and mussels are a great addition to the usual finish line meal. However, they don't replace BEER. The BEER tent was missed - Westport: take notice!
  • Arm use for speed control and the turning principles of skydiving can also be applied to running downhill. However, they only work at better than 6 minute/mile pace; otherwise, you just look silly.
  • Never underestimate a man in pink tiger striped spandex. That guy was dynamite on Leg 9.
  • Every second counts - finishing strong through transitions, being there at transitions, not dropping the wristband at transitions - remembering the wristband at the starting line. There are 12 REALLY angry scientists who learned this the hard way finishing after us by a total of only 7 seconds over 200 miles and some 24+ hours.
  • Always run with a tank top instead of short sleeves. The ladies like to see the arms.
  • Finishing early is fun. Finishing late sucks. ALWAYS sandbag your pace times on runner applications!

Massakruliks - Men's Open

11/150 - 3/26

Back row from left: Dave (leg 4), Emily (leg 3), Bayen (leg 2), Ward (leg 6), Gavin (leg 12), Gabriel (leg 8)

Middle row from left: Jodi (leg 11), Bill (leg 1), Ashley (leg 7), Suzi (leg 10), Kara (leg 5)

Front row: Vince [aka: Me] (leg 9)

Distance Difficulty Gain Loss Net Time Pace
Leg 9 6.01 Hard 65 285 -220 40:15 6:42
Leg 21 6.93 Hard 17 22 -5 48:00 6:56
Leg 33 6.88 Moderate 29 39 -10 49:10 7:09
19.82 2:17:25 6:56

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