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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wa-Wa-Wapack Weekend - Part 7

Leaving the start/finish line for the second time that day certainly gave the feeling of deja-vu. If you're thinking, "why am I still reading about a one-day race in this seventh blog post," you're getting the feeling that I had at this point in the race - it would never end.

The run back up Mt. Watatic was the same as it was earlier that day, except brighter. I saw a few runners pass against me on the way up and over the mountain that were on their way to completing the first 43 miles. I also saw a few strong runners who were on their way to completing the full 50.

I made good time down the backside of Mt. Watatic until I had to pee. I stopped by a tree and did my business. When I started to run again I fell flat on my face - a shooting pain on the outside of my left knee. I got up and tried to stand on it and it utterly collapsed again. I had never had issues with my IT band but apparently was experiencing it now - couldn't have picked a better time.

I started limping towards the aid station hoping I'd make it and see what could be done there since sitting down in the middle of the woods and crying didn't seem a viable option. As I limped along, it seemed to loosen up and I was able to pick up the pace to a slow jog and then a comfortable (albeit painful) run. I made it to my new best friends - the Binney Hill Road aid station crew - in 55 minutes.

As soon as I stopped to get food and refill my water bottle, the shooting left knee pain returned. I kept pulling my leg up to keep the knee in motion and hoped it wouldn't seize as it had done earlier. The aid station woman asked about the pain and said she had the cure. China-Gel. She slathered it on my wounded knee and the pain quite literally dissipated. With a gel-ed up knee, a full bottle of Gatorade and a mouthful of potatoes and salt, I expressed my love for those two kind souls and headed back towards the finish line. Again.

I passed against the last runner heading out to Binney Hill Road on his way to completing the 50 miles. I kept pushing up the easier inclines and walked as it got steeper not daring to stop lest my knee pain flare up again. A huge clap of thunder and the rain started coming down. We dodged it all day, but might as well get some bad weather to complete the misery.

I crossed the Mt. Watatic peak for the fourth time heading back to the finish line for the second time. I was all too happy to see Jen way up the trail in the rain ready to accompany me down the last mile or so. Footing was sketchy at best with my long dead legs and the now rain slicked rocks. We made it to the access road and ran to the finish line together, crossing at 12:57:30 by my watch. My return trip took only 49:15.

A few runners were lingering in the rain - among them Bill who I had paced with for nearly the entire first 43 miles. He congratulated me and I sincerely thanked him. Finding a pacing partner for a race as long as this was invaluable.

Turns out Jen was right - again. I could do it - I DID do it and had no regrets. I pulled on a water proof and ate some hot chili prepared by the finish line volunteers. We waited as John - the last person to go out for the 7 mile loop - finished his 50 miles.

So if you're keeping score:

Jen: 3/3 in advice for me today.
Me: 50 miles run in just under 13 hours.

Official results have me 8/9 50 mile finishers. That's 8/25 - including the 43 mile finishers (who didn't go on or didn't make the cutoff to complete the 50). And 8/37 registered runners (2 did not start, the rest I assume dropped out or didn't make the 14 hour cutoff).

My splits times according to my watch:

Wapack 50: May 7, 2011
Aid Station Mileage Split Time Spent at Aid Cumm. Time
Binney Hill Rd. 3.5 43:30 (0) 43:30
Windblown 9 1:16:00 (1:30) 1:59:30
Miller State Park 16 1:33:04 (1:15) 3:34:12
Mountain Road 21.5 1:30:45 (2:00) 5:06:09
Miller State Park 27 1:30:46 (3:00) 6:38:11
Windblown 34 1:47:05 (4:00) 8:33:40
Binney Hill Rd. 39.5 1:38:12 (4:00) 10:11:53
Start/Finish 43 48:29 (4:00) 11:00:22
Binney Hill Rd. 46.5 55:13 (5:00) 12:03:16
Start/Finish 50 49:14 -- 12:57:30

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Anonymous said...

Yay Honey!! I love you and you did wonderful!!!! :)


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