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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Follow the Leader

Eliminate the classic definition of a follower – a lemming easily lead by a convincing leader – and the individual remaining would emerge quite the principal. This paradox is realized by the very quality that distinguishes a follower – indecisiveness.

The momentary hesitation of an individual to react to influencing circumstances can be a downfall in times of utmost urgency. However, temporary vacillation allows the seeming experts to weigh in with their knee-jerk opinions. Given the plethora of pundits available to expound upon any given topic, giving pause allows an open mind to review data from several sources and create a well-informed, educated decision based upon facts and the best course of action for the long term investment.

Of course, there needs to be “leaders” – those willing to speak out based upon personal convictions and prior precedent without fully evaluating all sides of the impending argument. Unfortunately, the majority of people today promote these doomsayers to expert status instead of reviewing and appraising their judgment. The ability to think for ourselves gives the follower an advantage in most situations calling for discernment and scrutiny.

There will be no replacement of instinctual reaction or prescience; however, a role reversal of big-mouthed leaders and those who implement their pronouncements may create a more stable and sustaining atmosphere. Leave the knee-jerk reactions to the loud-mouthed aggressors and let the unbiased purposeful sage render actionable decrees.

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