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Thursday, October 06, 2005

No Sex for Sex Offenders

CNN published a news story today with the link, "State won't pay for sex offenders' Viagra". I though it was just a statement, but no, it was actually a story about how the Govern-ator of California - Arnold Schwarzenegger - signed a sex crimes bill that amended a law that had allowed state funded health insurance to pay for erectile dysfunction medication. I would have thought this was impossible but the article went on to say federal funding for such medication was ended after a New York audit found sex offenders benefiting from the free program.

This may not be a result of big versus small government or cutting versus funding social programs – this may just be plain stupidity. With this logic, we should ensure that all arsonists have a continuous supply of matches and all bulimics have a continuous supply of food to throw up and all cocaine addicts get free blow without minor issues such as cocaine being an illegal narcotic or other silly such fuss.

When I rule the world, this kind of stuff won’t happen.

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