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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bermuda Cruise: Day 2

We woke up promptly at 5:30 – Jen swears she heard Misty barking. I finally let her in on the secret that it was me. We woke up promptly (for real) at 7:30 AM as room service delivered our first breakfast. We went for a run on the Deck 13 track at 8AM. Jen did a mile. I did about 7.5. Who’s counting? It was quite difficult as the track was only 1 lane, people were walking, there were walls and rails really restricting space at some points and I am an explosive runner. In any case, we finished, showered and ate breakfast … again … at 9:30 AM.

At 10 AM, we attended the Shore Excursion Presentation to find out which snorkeling trip I was going to drag Jen on. We quickly booked, exited and made it up 4 floors forward and sat for Bingo. This was not your Foxwoods Bingo. Only 4 games at a reasonable cost of $69. Jen insisted it was a good deal until she didn’t win anything, save for the $1 pull tab. She did redeem herself with the matching $10/$10 Casino slot machine coupon she got with the Bingo purchase. A few spins on the one-arm bandit and she spun the “Wheel of Fortune” collecting a cool $87 dollars. Screw you Bingo!

Loads of excitement, still no whales or land sighted, we ate lunch.

At 1:30 PM, we became art connoisseurs again – and alcoholics, although that didn’t actually kick in until around 3 PM after we downed about 6 champagne’s each, won free art and a free bottle of champagne for our room. We also bumped into our nursery rhyme friends who had a great idea for the rest of the afternoon.

After art overload, we four headed to the atrium bar for a $15 per person Grey Goose martini tasting. We each got 5 full martinis for $15 – that’s a great deal at any bar! First was the cosmo, followed by an apple martini. Next was the French Kiss – Gran Marnier and Chambourd. Fourth was a Lemonciello martini, which Jill taught us to do as a tequila shot, but with sugar instead of salt (she’s my hero). All followed nicely by a chocolate martini.

With bellies full of liquor, it was time to add some absorption; dinner it was for the four of us. We realized we had some time to kill before the Newlywed Game Show, so we watched a tribute to Broadway shows in the theatre. Aside from singing along with Abba tunes, it was a non-event.

Finally, the Newlywed Game didn’t disappoint. Bed time on another fine day.

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