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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bermuda Cruise: Day 4

Woke up and was ready for a run. We ate our room service early-breakfast and Jen dozed off while I hopped off the boat and ran to Somerset Bridge. Somerset Bridge is the world’s smallest draw bridge - they say don’t blink as you drive over it or you’ll miss it. Rest assured after dodging traffic, dealing with the heat, eating road dust and a few miles up and down hills on the way out, I was very prepared when I saw it. I was welcoming the break and looking forward (read: dreading) the run back. I finished the round trip in about 1.5 hours. A quick shower, wake Jen and it was off to a real breakfast.

We lounged by the pool and read until we headed off at 2:00 PM for our 2:15 PM snorkeling adventure. Our trip left from the pier so not much walking and easy to find. We took a nice leisurely cruise out of Dockyard, under a bridge (not Somerset) to the west side of the island near the wreck of the HMS Vixen where we did some barrier reef snorkeling.

This is certainly my element, but for Jen, it’s not quite her milieu. After donning her mask, fins and snorkel and fully inflating her buoyancy compensating vest, she did a cannonball towards my head rather than the proper diver entry. After a few minutes of sheer terror and panic and the requisition of additional flotation tubes, we eased to the shallower waters of the reef where fish actually came into view. At this point, she mellowed out and started to quite enjoy the experience.

She returned to the boat after about a half an hour in the water and I stayed out for another half an hour. We fed the fish at the HMS Vixen on the boat trip home.

We did dinner on the ship that night at the Raffles buffet to get in and out quick so we could catch the Richard Burr magic show. We bumped into our cruise buddies so we ordered a bucket of beers and took front row seating. After show one, we headed to the Battle of the Sexes game show for show two (and bucket of beer two, too). We decided to participate and under dubious officiating and protest, the girls won. We adjourned to Raffles for the late night chocolate buffet before heading off to bed.

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