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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bermuda Cruise: Day 3

Awake to land ho! I sped up to the promenade deck (7) to get a glimpse and some pictures of us arriving in Bermuda. We passed by Fort St. Catherine in St. George's first. Bermuda is very holy.

I woke Jen, we ate breakfast and then headed to the "Galaxy of the Stars" room deck 12 forward to watch us dock at the Royal Navy Dockyard. We killed some time and then went ashore to browse the few overpriced shops that were open on Sunday. A quick return to the boat for lunch and a quiet afternoon.

Around 3:30, we decided to go to the beach - Snorkel Park - a short walk from the boat. I took my snorkel gear and Jen just enjoyed the sand and sun. Her lower legs enjoyed the warm water, but nothing more - we turned and headed back to the boat for dinner.

The show tonight was the Second City improv comedy troupe.

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