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Friday, June 16, 2023

10K .. every day .. for 30 days .. half way ..

I just passed the half way of running 6.21371 miles (10K) for every day in June - the sixth month of the year; hence, 6(+) miles every day. I'm getting tired and it's a bit unexpected.

This year I've been plotting and running monthly challenges to augment my mile-a-day streak - continuous since mid-2016.

And all the days not running these crazy challenges, my daily mileage has been at least as many miles as the month number - so:

  • at least 2 miles every day in February,
  • at least 3 miles every day in March,
  • at least 4 miles every day in April,
  • at least 5 miles every day in May

At least 6 miles every in June was so close to a 10K per day, so that became the June challenge!

Total 42 miles per week is not a lot, but breaking that into 6 miles every day with no rest days is a bit more of a challenge than I expected. With heavy rain predicted tomorrow, it's not going to get easier. But I do look forward to wrapping this up - SUCCESSFULLY - in 14 more days and dropping mileage to more reasonable daily amounts in July when I can start swimming every day after runs!

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